Why I Specialize in Helping Widows, Inheritors, and Caregivers

Caring hands

People often ask me why I chose to work with clients who have lost a loved one or are affected by an illness, or injury. To other planners it seems like a tough choice of clientele as there is a lot of emotion tied in to working in this space. For me, it’s not solely about the numbers; it’s about making a meaningful impact during life’s most vulnerable moments. My decision to specialize in helping widows, inheritors, and caregivers stems from my personal experiences. The reasons are layered, yet they all flow together. In general, they may all be experiencing new financial responsibility.

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What are Your Money Scripts?

Money scripts are beliefs around money that we typically inherit from the culture we are brought up in. We learn them from our parents, who learned from their parents. You might be living a money script that somebody wrote a long time ago and has been carried down through generations. Or possibly you created a version of your own money script in reaction to your parents’ relationship with money. Either way, these money scripts can have a significant influence on your relationship with money.

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