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What are Your Money Scripts?

Money scripts are beliefs around money that we typically inherit from the culture we are brought up in. We learn them from our parents, who learned from their parents. You might be living a money
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Financial Planning and the 4 Quadrants

If you’ve read books by Steven R. Covey, you are likely familiar with the 4 Quadrants theory, also known as the Time Management Matrix. This theory focuses on optimizing time and energy toward the most
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What is Financial Well Being?

Financial well-being goes beyond dollars. It is harmony between your personal life, career choices, financial stability, security, and freedom. Understanding and achieving financial well-being is essential for a fulfilling life.
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Welcome to Visions Financial Planning!

Hello. I am Linda Grizely. In recent years, I found myself navigating the complexities of a successful career, a blended marriage, five adult children/stepchildren, new grandchildren, and elderly parents that required time and attention.
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