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Envisioning Your Tomorrow

Together, we embark on a collaborative journey, crafting a personalized and dynamic financial plan that aligns with your evolving life stages.

planning process

Meetings are structured around an established framework.
The duration and frequency are modified based on individual client requirements or circumstances.

The framework follows the CFP Board’s 7-step financial planning process. We will assess your income, expenses, investments, savings, debt, goals, risks, taxes, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning and more. Our objective is to craft a personalized financial roadmap that aligns with your life goals and values.

Whether you’re just starting to plan your financial future or looking to streamline and optimize existing arrangements, I offer tailored resources to meet your needs.

Introductory Meeting:

30 minutes

Your initial consultation is complimentary and serves as an opportunity for us to get acquainted and assess our compatibility.

Discovery Meeting:

90 minutes for Comprehensive,
60 minutes for Wellness

This session concentrates on your present situation. The goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding and address any uncertainties. We begin outlining future objectives and your envisioned path.

Pathway Meeting:

90 minutes for Comprehensive,
60 minutes for Wellness

This meeting focuses on establishing next steps, building upon the progress from the discovery meeting. We will work together to solidify the plan or approach that aligns with your goals.


60-90 minutes

This is where we put the plan into action and make any necessary changes. Collaboration is important in this phase and multiple sessions of this nature may be necessary, especially for more complex plans.

Ongoing Planning, Coaching and Advice:

30-60-90 minutes

We'll schedule meetings as required to update or handle any emerging concerns, maintaining digital communication at least quarterly and conducting a comprehensive annual review.

I'm an Independent, Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Planner

What this means for you:


Delivering results for you, free from the constraints of sales quotas, shareholders, or private equity stakeholders.


Providing advice that prioritizes your best interests over those of any company or myself.

Fee Only:

My compensation comes solely from the fee we agree upon upfront. I do not sell any products or receive any concealed commissions.

Financial Planner:

Financial planning involves an assessment of your present and future financial circumstances using a holistic approach.

work with me when you:

work with me if you: