Welcome to Visions Financial Planning!

Hello. I am Linda Grizely. In recent years, I found myself navigating the complexities of a successful career, a blended marriage, five adult children/stepchildren, new grandchildren, and elderly parents that required time and attention.

The demands of a traditional corporate schedule clashed with the life I envisioned. Though my passion for financial planning burned bright, my career seemed to overshadow the essence of life, living, and family. That realization prompted a pivotal decision—I took a leap of faith to carve out a life where my devotion to family, friends, and clients could harmoniously coexist.

Driven by a passion for creating this life, I founded Visions Financial Planning, a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. It’s about forging work-life harmony and creating a space where I can be genuinely present for my loved ones while extending that same dedication to my clients.

As an RIA, I uphold a fiduciary duty to my clients’ best interests. The fiduciary duty distinction is vital: unlike other financial advisors who might operate under broker-dealers, my commitment as an RIA goes beyond providing merely suitable advice. Non-RIA advisors may offer advice that suits their clients’ needs but could be influenced by sales commissions and other incentives tied to their recommendations.

My pledge is to navigate the financial landscape with integrity and a steadfast focus on my client’s best interests and financial well-being. I’m here to offer guidance that steers clear of conflicting motivations that can impact the advice they receive. Having experienced the financial planning and advisory business within a broker dealer network and a corporate environment, I am driven by the ambition to offer the kind of dedicated, white-glove service and unbiased guidance that I, as a client, would seek for myself.

I know firsthand the critical importance of crafting financial strategies to accommodate the diverse needs of people and families. My personal journey has included diverse life experiences which have reinforced my commitment to providing tailored, empathetic guidance that addresses the multifaceted aspects of life.

Linda Grizely is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and the owner of Visions Financial Planning, a business designed to nurture strength and resilience and to empower people to visualize and achieve a future that’s secure and filled with promise. She’d love to hear your story and explore the possibilities for collaboration. Please feel welcome to arrange a time to talk for a free 30-minute introductory meeting.